Annick Chantal

I am first and foremost a woman’s heart, passionate about life and incorporate that passion into action!


I have always been committed to helping people around me. I truly believe that each individual has within them, all the necessary resources to realize their full potential; sometimes only missing the spark and/or the inspiration that can light the fire for achievement.


In my toolbox, there is a wealth of life experience and training. I, however, specialize in Ericksonian and Conversational Hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). These tools provide access to the unconscious, or, if you prefer, that part that does know! This solution-oriented approach can take you from present-state to desired-state!


I sincerely believe in teamwork. If you invest in yourself, I pledge to support you in your process of change.


I hope to inspire you!

Certified Master-Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach

Certified Fertile Body Method Practitioner

Certified Doula

Annick Chantal

Emilie Rowe

Motherhood has been a subject dear to my heart for many years. When I learned that I would not be able to accomplish the most natural action in the world, which was to conceive a baby with my husband the good old fashion way, it awoke a beast within me.


Passionate and determined, I rolled up my sleeves and faced the challenge of infertility headon. I did research and took training on the subject of fertility, pregnancy, maternity, the rights of women during childbirth, labour...In the end, I became a mother of two beautiful boys who were born through in-vitro fertilization and I gained extensive knowledge in perinatology as a result!


Despite my great preparation, my first childbirth didn’t go as I had wished. I realized through this experience that the warm support of a doula would have allowed me to live this moment differently. From then on, I wanted to learn more about the world of doulas. I felt compelled to offer support to couples, women - support that I would have wanted to receive while I was giving birth to my first son. It is from a passion combined with my life experience that my desire to become a doula was born. I like to take care of women who are carrying life, soothe them and hold them in my arms. I know that encouraging words, comforting hands and a confident look can greatly influence the course of things during childbirth.


I have an unshakeable conviction about a woman's incredible ability to give life. After all, since the beginning of time, women gives birth and babies are born. Sometimes, we simply need to dig deep and find this incredible strength from within ourselves. I can help you find this warrior in you, this strong woman who knows how to give birth to her baby.


The birth of your baby is a moment that you will cherish forever ... Let me be by your side during your pregnancy journey and help you make informed decisions about how you want your child to be born.


Looking forward to be there and support you.

Breastfeeding and fertility advisor

Émilie Rowe


Since my nursing training, I have loved simplicity and mutual aid. I always considered being at the service to others. This is what turns me on and makes me proud. Following my fulfilled military career as a Nursing Officer, I returned to my first loves of obstetric, maternity care, breastfeeding and prenatal classes for many years. Today, I continue my passion by merging my knowledge and expertise into being a birthing doula. I can say it’s a gift to myself.

I strongly believe that women possess everything within them, body and soul, to optimize their pregnancy journey, birthing process and postpartum period. It’s a fact, since the beginning of time, women are pregnant and give birth. Though, she still needs to know how to listen to her body, verbalize her fears, use to her benefit those new sensations and learn to trust herself. These tasks can become overwhelming! This is where my birthing doula role within a holistic approach comes to play. The doula words and gestures give back to the woman and her partner the power to find solutions to live peacefully the most memorable experience of their lives, the birth of their baby. In truth, a family is born.

Registered Nurse retired
Certified birthing doula

Renée Fearrey

Josée Michaud.jpg

Josée Michaud is a registered acupuncturist with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario. She graduated with Honors at the International Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ottawa.


She discovered acupuncture through her own health challenges and now she is dedicated to share with others the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She prides herself on providing holistic and individualized treatment for every patient. She treats a wide range of health issues and has an interest in pre and postnatal patient and also in pediatric acupuncture.

Registered Acupuncturist

Josée Michaud